"I'm a last-minute kind of girl," admits Leah McSweeney, the designer behind the streetwear label Married to the Mob. But then, a little eleventh-hour chaos can be the stuff that spring ad campaigns are made of. Earlier this month, McSweeney capitalized on the presence of French singing sensation Uffie in New York and persuaded the 20-year-old performer to pose for a few portraits. "She's an It girl who embodies Mob hotness," explains McSweeney of her impromptu casting. The designer also staked her claim on another visitor to NYC—she asked L.A.-based photo blogger the Cobrasnake to photograph the singer in and around the streets of Tribeca. "I felt really bad having Uffie run around the city in a T-shirt—she was freezing," said the shutterbug, who will be shooting on streets of a different kind this week: He's in Paris, getting ready to host a yard sale in the garden of the fashion hangout Hotel Amour that gets under way tomorrow.

Source: (Stylefiles)